Alcohol Hotline Numbers

Are you an alcohol addict and you have been wondering how you can get off it? Have you tried quitting on your own without making any significant progress? You might be sober for a couple of weeks or days. However, before you know it, you have returned to your drinking habit due to one setback or the other. Alcohol addiction might have also cost you something, like your job or something valuable to you, and you might be looking for a way to get out of that habit.

Perhaps, you are just worried about a friend or a family member. Has the drinking habit of your friend or family member gotten out of hand? Has their alcohol use affected your family negatively? Do they make excuses for their unusual behavior or say they do not have an issue? You can see how it is gradually affecting their life negatively.

Alcohol is a very addictive and powerful substance. What makes the entire situation worse is that it is available in almost every convenience, grocery, and corner store. This makes it easier for anyone to walk into a store to pick one once the habit is triggered. This has also made it difficult for many to control themselves or get out of it successfully.

Fortunately, you or your loved one can get out of this successfully. Help is readily available and many have been helped through this process. Luckily, finding help these days is easier than buying alcohol. To successfully get out of this habit, or to help a friend or family member, you can reach out for help on the following alcohol hotlines.

Alcoholism Hotlines

  • National Helpline Number – 1-844-289-0879
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Number – 1-212-870-3400
  • National Association of Children of Alcoholics – 1-888-554-CAOS (2627)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
  • National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) – 1-800-NCA-CALL (622-2255)

Do I Need Alcoholism Help?

If this question has crossed your mind, chances are you would greatly benefit from some sort of help. Are you worried and confused? Do you need someone to talk to but not sure whom you can turn to? Many alcohol addicts do not know who to talk to, as they do not want to feel judged by others. However, all those are things of the past, as there are now alcohol hotlines for substance abuse patients. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get answers and solutions to your substance abuse situation is via alcohol hotlines for addiction.

Even if you just want to get some information about yourself, a friend, or a family member, these hotlines can provide you with all you need. They can provide you with valuable resources and information to empower your choices. Calling these alcohol hotlines is one of the first steps to ending substance abuse. Every information you provide them with is confidential and you can freely and openly talk them.  Once you start asking yourself the question “do I need to find alcoholism help?” it is recommended that you do not hesitate, go for it.

When Do I Call An Alcohol Hotline for Addiction?

Once you notice you cannot do without taking alcohol, you should not wait until a disaster happens before you get help. When substance abuse issue gets out of hand, it can be detrimental to one’s career, lifestyle, family life, as well as their overall health and wellbeing. An alcohol helpline can come in very handy in such situations. You should not wait until the situation costs you so much or gets out of hand before you call an alcohol helpline. After all, is it not better to find a solution to a problem before it gets out of hand?

Early intervention would save you a lot. Getting help at the early stages is much more effective than waiting until you or a loved one hits rock bottom. When you call an alcoholic hotline, they would be able to find the best and most appropriate treatment plan based on what you or a loved one is going through. You can talk to them freely about your situation and they would use the information you provided them with to find the most suitable treatment option for you or your loved one.

Statistics have shown that people that usually get help at the early stages of their substance abuse situations tend to get out of it quickly and easily. Getting help early enough is the second step to your freedom from alcoholism, the first step is making up your mind to get help. Once you notice that you or a loved one is beginning to get addicted to alcohol, do not hesitate or delay to reach out for help. The first thing you need to do is to make up your mind and then call an alcohol hotline in order to find the best solution to your problem.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Many people are addicted to alcohol but they are afraid to admit it. Most people do not even know that they are addicted, because their situation is yet to get out of hand. Whereas, there are others who know that they consume too much alcohol but they feel that they can handle the situation on their own. Unfortunately, they are blind to the signs that alcohol is gradually taking over their life. There are certain signs and behaviors an individual usually portrays when they are addicted to alcohol and need urgent help. If you are concerned about your alcohol use or you are concerned about a loved one, there are certain signs you need to look out for to know you actually need help. Here are some of the signs of alcohol addiction.

  • Using more alcohol to get the desired effects. Some people usually consume alcohol until they get intoxicated and overwhelmed by the effect of the drink.
  • Drinking too much to handle negative emotions. This is when you consume too much alcohol to console yourself after having a bad day or when you are feeling sad.
  • Needing alcohol to get through the day. There are some people that cannot do without alcohol in a day. They always need alcohol to get through the day.
  • Staying away from activities that do not involve drinking. If you or your loved one always shies away from activities that do not involve drinking, it is a sign of alcohol addiction. If you only feel like doing things that involve drinking, then you need help.
  • Refusing to tell others about your alcohol use. Do you like hiding your alcohol use from your family members or friends? Then you need to call an alcohol hotline, as that is another strong sign of alcohol addiction.
  • Rationalizing your drinking with your friends and family.
  • Drinking to an extent where you blackout or cannot remember what you did before the event.
  • Not being able to stay away from alcohol even after it has resulted in issues with your family, friends, relationships, or even your health.
  • Experiencing some symptoms of withdrawal whenever you try to stay away from alcohol for a while.
  • Always returning to your hold drinking habit even when you try to stop it by yourself. Self-recovery is what many have tried and failed in the past. Many have tried to handle the situation by themselves, without getting any professional help. This has a very slim chance of working and it might cause relapse in the short-term. Therefore, if you are experiencing relapses, then it is time to get professional help.

Get the Help You Need By Calling an Alcohol Hotline

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, it is time to finally get the help that you need. All you have to do is to pick up your phone and call an alcohol help phone number. Many substance abuse patients are unenthusiastic to call alcohol abuse hotlines. This is because they are a little bit scared or they feel embarrassed. However, you need to summon the courage to make that bold step. That is why the very first step to your freedom is making up your mind to get help.

By calling an alcoholic hotline, you have a noncommittal, easy way of connecting with knowledgeable professionals. These professionals understand the situations of those struggling with alcohol addiction. By talking to them, you will not feel judged or embarrassed. They will not make you feel bad about your situation. Instead, they would provide you with all the support you need to over your alcohol addiction.

Some people usually avoid calling these hotlines because they do not know what to say. Even if it is just a piece of advice that you seek, the person at the other end of the line would guide the conversation. Here are some of the things the professional would talk to you about when you call an alcoholic hotline:

  • Alcohol addiction symptoms and signs that you need to know
  • Questions regarding alcohol abuse
  • The different types of treatment options available
  • Advice on talking to a loved one about their issues
  • How you easily find the most suitable treatment plan for yourself or a loved one.

Do not wait until so much damage has been made before you seek help. To end your struggling with alcohol addiction, call an alcohol addiction hotline today.


Drop the Rock: The Rockefeller Drug Laws

Compared to other countries, the United State of America is the number one country in imprisoning people. These statistics were recently revealed in an article published by a National Public Radio. As a result of this, longer sentences and more imprisonments usually cause dangerous overcrowding in the prison system. The frequent sentencing and imprisonments of individuals have resulted in the flooding of prisons, which is highly detrimental to their health and overall well-being. This is not how it used to be. It used to be much better than that.

Back in 1973, the government introduced certain laws to increase the minimum sentences of those that are in possession of drugs, as well as those that are selling it. The US government did this in response to the growing anxiety in the country about drug abuse and use. The first city the laws took effect was in New York, and the governor in charge of the city then was Nelson Rockefeller.

The political ambitions of Nelson Rockefeller, as well as his 180-degree turn on tackling the drug issue, was spectacular. The effect of his governance and the way he handled the issue started to impact the rest of the country. From top drug lords down to low-level drug criminals has to pay for their doings. Drug offenders did not only get a “slap on the wrist,” even the lowest offenders paid for their offenses with serious time behind bars.

Before the government imposed these laws, Rockefeller believed that the drug problem in New York could significantly reduce with vocational training, rehabilitation, and affordable housing. He looked at it as a social issue. Unluckily, New York City encountered a major drug epidemic. The use of heroin increased significantly. The street corners were filled with drug dealers and junkies, and the government had issues keeping them out of the street. Some neighborhoods became very dangerous, as they were taken over and run by gangs. This resulted in an enormous increase in the homicide rate that it is today.

On seeing the drastic damage it is causing in the city, Rockefeller changed his attitude towards drugs instantly. The quick action of Rockefeller was most likely influenced by the declaration of President Nixon. President Nixon said that drug abuse is Public Enemy Number One of America in 1971. The declaration of President Nixon and the situation of things in New York City made Rockefeller change his stance on drugs very quickly. Furthermore, his research of the zero-tolerance approach of Japan also played a role.

In the eyes of Rockefeller, the new laws they introduced were meant to protect the innocent from those people that are selling and abusing drugs. His new stance was tagged “rough on crime.” The new stance made him seem dedicated to taking a no-nonsense approach in tackling the drug problems in the country. His approach was very effective and he was determined to reduce the drug problems in the country significantly. Furthermore, his political career also benefited from his stance on drugs, as it made him more favorable to conservative voters.

The new laws of Nelson Rockefeller passed through the New York State legislature very quickly. However, it experienced some pushbacks from liberal politicians and drug treatment professionals. They believed that the new laws would put several young minorities, even those with no convictions before, behind bars even if they are found with very little amounts of a drug. The laws faced a lot of criticisms. Nevertheless, irrespective of all the criticisms, similar laws sprung up all over the country. Different cities started coming up with similar laws to protect innocent people in their cities.

As such laws passed through legislatures, the population of the prison system hit record levels. These laws affected many and prisons were overcrowded. They built new federal and state prisons to accommodate the people that these laws affected. The laws caught up both those selling the drugs and those using it. They all found themselves locked behind bars for a very long period. Hence, the prison system was full of drug dealers and drug addicts. Once you are caught in possession of drugs, no matter how small it is, you would have to pay for it behind bars.

What Were the Rockefeller Drug Laws?

Rockefeller believed that more modest approaches to resolving the drug epidemic of New York City were not just working. More friendly strategies were not doing the job and the situation was getting worse. Rockefeller wanted the entire situation to be under control. He felt that being strict to the core on drug laws would significantly reduce the drug epidemic in the state. He believed stricter laws would discourage others from possessing or selling drugs.

As part of the effort to significantly reduce the drug epidemic in the state, he pushed for a minimum of fifteen years to life sentence. The law was applicable to even those that are selling very small amounts (two ounces) of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. This came with no chances for parole, deals, or probation. A maximum sentence included twenty-five years to life. As earlier mentioned, the intention of Rockefeller was not just to punish those involved in selling and possessing drugs, but to protect innocent people. Innocent people are usually victims of the effect of hard drugs. The use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana has increased the crime rate on the streets, and the innocents are mostly affected.

As expected, the new laws changed the lives of so many. Many families and lives were transformed. The law certainly increased imprisonments. However, it did not impact the drug problem of New York City as Rockefeller envisioned. Many top drug pushers were arrested and persecuted. They spend years behind bars. The lives of those who had no prior criminal history, many in the minority and lower-class neighborhoods, were impacted significantly. However, some people had a difficult time controlling their addictions. Just threatening to lock them behind bars for years does not tackle the root causes of their substance abuse issue. Many of them have been involved for a very long time and a few days behind bars as punishment is not doing the trick for them. As such, Rockefeller did not get the results that he envisioned. However, the law was effective to an extent.

The Drug Law of Rockefeller Reforms

In the early twenty-first century, legislators in New York City modified some of the rigid sentences. For instance, back in 2004, the New York legislators reduced the fifteen years to life penalty to eight years in prison for those that do not have prior convictions. Furthermore, in 2009, legislators in the state removed compulsory minimum sentences. Judges could also decide to make drug treatment or probation compulsory for those convicted of certain drug offenses. Regardless of what your opinion is regarding Rockefeller Drug Laws, you should always know that drug addiction or substance abuse is a progressive disease that has affected many lives.

Many lives are rendered useless today because of addiction. Some have been separated from their loved ones, some have lost their job, some have chronic health issues, some are terribly broke and even in debt because of addiction. Some people just lack the knowledge or resources to get the appropriate help that they need desperately. 

These people might not be acting according to the law. However, for their lives to change, they need to treat their disease. They need to find a solution to their problem, and facing the consequences of their deeds would not solve the problem. This is why these people need to get substance abuse treatment as fast as possible. Substance abuse treatment is of utmost importance for those that are struggling with addiction. Some of these people do not even know where to start from when it comes to looking for the help they need.

We are also in support of other drug laws that inflate the prison system. We are proposing better ways of tackling this issue. We are advocating investment in education, preventing, empowerment, and not sending these addicts behind bars. Many of them even return to their old ways after serving for years, simply because going to jail does not stop the problem. They need a lasting solution, one that would take care of the root cause of their substance abuse issue. We are here to help them through their recovery process and find the perfect treatment option for them.

 If you are addicted to any of the above substances, you can reach out for help and regain your freedom from substance use. The very first step to your freedom is admitting and making up your mind that you need help.


The Cost of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in 2019

  • Drug Detox (30-Day): $250 – $800 per day
  • Outpatient Care (3-Months): $1,400 – $10,000
  • Intensive Outpatient (30-Days): $3,000 – $10,000
  • Residential Treatment (Varies): $5,000 – $80,000

Are you an alcohol or drug addict that wants to trail the path of recovery? Are you considering getting treatment to end your substance abuse issue? You probably have so many questions to ask. How will the treatment help? What would the treatment be like? What is the best type of treatment for my addiction problem? How much is the treatment even going to cost?

For many people that are considering getting addiction treatment, the cost of the treatment is one of the things they spend much time thinking about. After all, there are a lot of things you need to do with money. You have a family to support, bills to pay, and you still need to put food on the table. Can you do all these and still afford a drug or alcohol rehab?

Unfortunately, thinking this way would only make you want to ditch the treatment that you need. With such a mindset, you would end up postponing and postponing your treatment. The more you put off or postpone your treatment, the more your career, family, and personal life would continue to suffer from the consequences of your drug or alcohol addiction. One vital question you might want to ask yourself is “Can I afford not to get treatment?” You should also ask yourself if you can continue to cope with the consequences of your addiction.

Ponder on this: You are actually spending more money on your alcohol or drug addiction than you realize. Think of the amount of money you spend on the particular alcohol or drug you use, such as heroin, cocaine, or marijuana. Consider the time you were absent from work or the inadequate/poor financial decisions you have made while you are under the influence of alcohol or your choice of drug. Are you aware that a DUI can end up costing you a lot of money in legal fees and increased insurance rates? Have you considered your poor health status due to your substance use? What about the amount of money you have spent on the health issues related to your alcohol or drug use? Taking overdose might land you in intensive care, which would result in huge medical bills. Severe health issues caused by substance use can result in costly medical procedures and medications.

Wouldn’t you want to put everything under control before they get out of hand? Do you want to hit rock bottom emotionally, financially, and physically before you take care of the issue? One thing that has prevented many from getting the treatment that they desperately need is an excuse. People make a lot of excuses just to put off their treatment; this is because excuses are very easy to make. However, one of the best ways to get help for your addiction issues is an investment in the financial future of your family. After all, once you are free from your addiction, you would become more productive, as you would be able to think clearer. You would be able to make significant progress and achieve great things for yourself. You may find yourself attaining new heights in your career and increasing your monthly budget with much more money.

You might not be the person in this position. It might be a friend, family member, colleague at work, or a loved one. Whenever you start noticing substance addiction signs in them, it is crucial that you advise them to get help. If it is a family member or a loved one, you might even want to be part of the process. You want to help them find the best treatment as well as how much drug rehab costs. Do not yield to their financial excuses, as there are lots of affordable ways to get treatments these days.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

As earlier mentioned, one of the questions that go through the mind of many addicts is “How much does rehab cost?” This is a very important question; however, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Hence, there is no fixed drug or alcohol rehab cost. Your expenses for drug or alcohol rehab depends on a series of factors. This is because there are different treatment plans and policies. Here are some of the factors that would determine your drug or alcohol rehab cost:

Your Health Insurance Policy: If your Medicare, Marketplace, or employer provides you with health insurance, chances are a fraction of your drug or alcohol rehab cost would be covered. However, this actually depends on the specifics of your individual policy as well as the place you live in. You can contact your insurance representative to get more information. You can discuss out-of-pocket expenses, copays, and deductibles that need to be met with your insurance representative. Here are some of the most popular and reputable insurance firms that offer rehab coverage:

  • Aetna Drug rehab coverage
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage
  • Cigna drug rehab coverage
  • Humana drug rehab coverage
  • Kaiser drug rehab coverage
  • United Healthcare drug rehab coverage

The Type of Rehab Treatment: Some drug or alcohol addicts need expensive inpatient treatment. Whereas, a partial hospitalization program would do the trick for some people. For some others, an outpatient program, which is way less expensive, may just be okay. You can see an admission counselor to know the best treatment option that would be suitable for you. There are many treatment options out there, and you want to pick the one that best suits your needs. Money might seem to be an issue. However, it is of utmost importance that you are placed in the most appropriate treatment setting.

Finding the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs could help prevent relapse. It could also help prevent other issues that would make you spend more in the long run. Hence, it is crucial that you speak to a professional to help you determine a great and suitable plan. Of course, all the drug rehab treatment plans are effective. They have yielded great results over the past decades. However, as earlier mentioned, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to rehab treatment. Different people have different needs. This is why it is crucial that you know the treatment option that would work for you before you start your treatment. Regarding the rehab cost, the treatment option you choose would determine how much money you would spend. The different treatment options come with different costs.

The Place of Treatment: If you feel you need a change of environment for motivation or inspiration, luxury rehabs are available to tackle that issue. You could overlook mountains and ocean and engage in fascinating activities with many amenities. Of course, it does not come cheap. It would cost you more. However, you can get these for lower costs at government-aided and local options facilities. Nevertheless, some of them may have waiting lists. This setback could prevent you from getting the help you need when you need it most. Furthermore, make sure the facility is in your network if you have health insurance.

Getting Financial Assistance: There are a few government programs that would subsidize your drug rehab cost depending on your level of income. Also, some rehab facilities offer scholarships, sliding scales, and payment plans in order to reduce the financial burden.

The actual cost of a drug or alcohol rehab program depends on several factors such as services, state, amenities, as well as your health insurance coverage. Here is the basic cost of a drug rehab program without insurance:

Service/Duration Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
Drug Detox (30-Day) $250/Day $800/Day
Outpatient Care (3-Months) $1,400 $10,000
Intensive Outpatient (30-Days) $3,000 $10,000
Residential Treatment (Varies) $5,000 $80,000+

From the table above, you can see that the cost for each type of service has a very wide range. Hence, you need to contact your desired facility to know how much it would cost, see how much of the bill your insurance covers, and know if they have payment programs or discounts. Don’t forget, you can get considerably lower costs if you are eligible for non-profit or government-run programs. If money is really preventing you from getting the treatment you need, you can check out the rehab programs that your state offers. Furthermore, there are people who have benefited from support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs are free and they are available throughout the country.

Above all, know that treatment is very important, as your life is at stake. Substance abuse is severe mental health condition that only gets worse as time goes on. To prevent very costly metal, legal, physical, and emotional consequences of addiction, it is crucial that you get help as soon as possible. Do your findings, know your options, pick up the phone and call for help, and ask questions. You have a better opportunity to find the best treatment plan within your budget when you take your time to seek all the information you need.


Sex Addiction Hotline

What really comes to your mind when you think of addiction? For many people, when they think of addiction, what comes into their mind are those abusing alcohol or drugs. After all, addiction is normally associated with substance abuse. Nevertheless, addiction comes in different forms. Addiction is common with certain behaviors such as gambling, overheating, exercise and even sex. People can get addicted to virtually anything. Interestingly, many do not even know that they are addicted to certain things; some others would not just admit it that they are addicted.

When an individual no longer has control over their behaviors and sacrifices their mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being, you can say that person is addicted. Such behavior is considered an addiction. In order words, addiction is a spiteful cycle of obsessive thoughts resulting in compulsive behaviors. People get obsessed about certain behaviors and lifestyles, such as having sex or looking at pornography, until they instinctively engage in the behavior.

They may experience euphoria or joy for a short period after they get what they want. Unfortunately, those obsessive thoughts return quickly. Before you know what is happening, you are trapped in a characteristic pattern that could be detrimental to your health, finance, or even relationships. Many are already locked in vicious cycles like these. They are addicted to one thing or the other without knowing how to get out of it. Their addictions have cost them a lot, ranging from their physical down to their financial well-being. Some have been trying to get out on their own. However, they have not achieved success, as addiction is a complex mental health disorder.

Addiction usually has a series of causes. It is a disease that runs in some families, and it passes from generation to generation. Some others get into addiction due to some traumatic experience or other psychologically damaging events. Some others just derive pleasure in their chosen addiction behaviors and could not get out of it again. Whereas there are some that have not developed the required skills to function and cope with everyday stressors, so they always return to their chosen addiction behaviors as a way of dealing with life. Some were introduced to these behaviors at very tender ages, and they can no longer cope without those things. As a result, they usually go back into their own selfish world of pleasure and forget about their commitments and responsibilities. They tend to gain satisfaction or joy from their selfish world of pressure, but it does not last. Since the euphoria of joy they derive from it does not last, they tend to fall back to it over and over again. Over the past years, watching porn and having sex are some of the most addictive behaviors, according to research. Many feel this is normal, but they are addicted without knowing it. Some have been looking for a way to come out, but they have failed over and over again, simply because they have been trying to do it on their own.

Porn and Sex Addiction Is Real

In the current world system, many people see sex as a positive and fulfilling way of expressing their feelings to the people they love. On the other hand, others see it as a way of escaping or filling a void. This also includes excessive watching of porn. People are stuck in this with wrong mindsets about why they are doing what they are doing. Take a few seconds to ponder on why people take alcohol and use drugs. Drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, are mind-altering substances. These substances, when taken, increase the production of pleasure chemicals in the brain. Hence, drug addicts often fall back to using drugs for the pleasure they derive from it. These pleasure chemicals produced in the brain are for a short period, they do not last. This is why drug addicts usually fall back to taking drugs in order to remain in that realm.

Watching excessive porn, as well as having sex, also increases these pleasure chemicals in the brain. When this happens often, your brain starts to rely on these behaviors to experience pleasure. This becomes the highest form of pleasure they can experience. Trying other things would no longer work, as they would not be as satisfying as your addictions. As an individual becomes more and more rooted in this disease, the person would start getting involved in risky behaviors that would put personal relationships at risk. It can also get to the point where the freedom of the person would be at risk.

People struggling with sex addiction usually need to find more exciting and fascinating ways to express their sexual desires. The pleasure chemicals in their brain are boosted by the new experiences. Rather than curbing their behaviors, they may end up getting involved in more illegal and dangerous activities. For instance, they might end up having unprotected sex with several people, putting themselves and others at risk of being infected. Some of them even go as far as spending their hard-earned money subscribing to more porn sites, which are sometimes illegal. Sex and porn addiction have also led to several broken relationships, as much as it has left a hole in the pocket of many.

Symptoms and Signs of Port and Sex Addiction

Just like drug and alcohol addiction, every other addiction has its own signs and symptoms. There are several red flags to look out for if you feel you have this issue. It might not be you, it might be a family member, a friend, or your partner. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of porn and sex addiction:

  • Spending More Time Pursuing Porn or Sex: As the addiction issue of an individual gets stronger, they tend to pay little or no attention to other aspects of their life. Some of the things they might neglect include career, family time, study, as well as leisure activities. They would devote more of their time to what gives them pleasure rather than their responsibilities and commitments.
  • Experiencing Financial Difficulties: Spending money on high-quality porn websites or for sex might prevent you from paying your daily bills. Your drive for sex or porn would begin to drain you financially and you would not find any fault in spending that much money on deriving the pleasure you seek.
  • Putting Yourself in Highly Risky Situations: The expectation of the perfect sexual experience might increase with every encounter. You may soon start getting involved in highly risky behaviors just to get the same pleasure. You might want to try more dangerous and illegal things to achieve the same pleasure.
  • Losing Interest in Personal Relationships: As you begin to go to strangers or turn to porn for pleasure, you may start losing sexual interest in your partner or spouse. You may no longer have the urge to be with them again. As a result, your family life would start suffering.

These are just some of the ways one’s life could be impacted negatively with porn and sex addiction. There are many other symptoms and signs out there. Fortunately, those struggling with porn and sex addiction can regain control of their life. There is help out there for every addiction problem. Just the way there are different programs that take care of drug addiction, sex or porn addiction can also be catered to.

Getting Help for Sex or Porn Addiction

Who can you run to for help when you have sex or porn addiction problem? Some people are not sure or they feel embarrassed that they have such an issue. You might find it difficult to talk about your issue. While many addicts ignore their intuitive instincts, those that decided to get help are glad that they did. At first, you might find it difficult to talk to someone about your porn or sex addiction problem face to face. However, a confidential phone call might make it easier to begin the conversation. Most people find it easier to continue the conversation once they start talking. Once they start talking to someone, they find out that it is easier to get the help that they truly need.

You can get your life back on track and restore your relationships by calling a sex and porn addiction helpline. When you call, you have access to non-judgmental, caring professionals that can help you find the perfect resources to confront and overcome your sex and porn addiction. Do not let porn and sex addiction continue to ruin your life. Get the help you need today and be free from your addiction issue.

Dual Diagnosis with Sex Addiction

Sometimes, sex addicts are also addicted to alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse might be the driving force of their addiction to sex.

If you or a loved one is struggling with both sex addiction and substance abuse, it is crucial to look for a sex addiction treatment plan that can help you handle both issues. You can call our sex addiction hotline today to get the help that you need.


Meth Addiction Hotline

Drug addicts usually have different choice of drugs. Some of them are addicted to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or meth. Some of them even use more than one substance. All these hard drugs are very dangerous. However, one of the most dangerous drugs out there is meth. Meth is an extremely dangerous drug. It has destroyed the lives of so many. Many families and relationships are having issues today because of this dangerous drug. This stimulant is highly powerful and very addictive. It is known to have a drastic effect on one’s mental and physical health.

Are you using meth? Is a loved one or any member of your family using meth? Have you tried to stop using this dangerous drug on your own but always fall back to it? have you tried getting help but do not know where to start or too ashamed to talk to anyone about your condition? You should not be ashamed. The process of withdrawing from meth is not that easy. The intense symptoms have pushed many back to continue using the drug.

Unfortunately, whenever you try to get out and fail, you might feel more and more powerless against the drug. You might feel more trapped. Fortunately, there is a way you can get out of this successfully. Help is available and many have benefited from it. You can get out of it successfully even after several failed attempts. There are ways through which you can finally get free from meth. To begin your journey to freedom, all you have to do is to pick up your phone and call a meth hotline. With just a call, you would be connected with a compassionate, knowledgeable person that is ready to listen to you and find you the help you need.

Most times, meth helpline calls are free. Most of these hotlines are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can give them a call whenever you make up your mind to get help. You can also call these hotlines if you just want to ask a couple of questions. If it is information you want to get for a loved one or friend, you can still call the hotline. A simple call would provide you with all the information you need to regain your freedom from meth and live a free life. Many have taken this path and they are glad they did at the end of the process.

Many addicts out there are skeptical about reaching out for help, as they are scared to share their problem with others. This is usually because they are ashamed or they do not want to feel judged by others. However, you cannot remain ashamed forever and allow this drug to destroy your life, relationship, health, and even finance. This is one problem meth hotlines are here to solve. When you seek for meth addiction help, by calling a meth helpline, any information you provide the professionals with is confidential. You would also not feel judged when talking with them.

Why Do People Find It Difficult to Quit Meth?

Those using methamphetamines often experience a burst of ecstasy and increased energy that usually makes them feel almost invincible. For some, the drug usually makes them feel more self-confidence. Whereas, others become more aggressive or even delusional after taking the drug. Severe use of drugs such as meth can alter the way your brain chemistry works. When you take these hard substances, the brain produces pleasure chemicals such as dopamine, which ultimately rewards the behavior. Soon, the brain gets used to this pleasure chemicals that it produces whenever you take meth. The brain would start craving for the drug just to get the pleasure it needs. These cravings usually result in a pattern of obsessive thoughts that leads to compulsive behaviors that creates the framework of addiction.

Furthermore, issues in your life caused by the use of meth could actually lead you to use the drug over and over again. For instance, if your meth use is causing your marriage to fall apart, whenever you get involved in an argument with your partner, you would be triggered to keep using the drug. If it is at your workplace you are having issues because of your meth use, you would always feel like taking the drugs whenever something comes up at work regarding the consequences of your meth use. Sadly, this distracting mentality would only contribute and strengthen your addiction.

It could take you up to two weeks or more to detox from the drug, depending on how long you have been taking the drug. If you have a very long history of taking the drug, the withdrawal symptoms would be worse for you. There are several symptoms of meth withdrawals. Some of the common symptoms are intense cravings, anxiety, excessive sleep, or exhaustion, a sense of hopelessness, and depression. However, many have gotten out of it and you can do it also.

Do not be discouraged from getting the help you need due to the relatively long withdrawal period and symptoms. In fact, this is why you even need meth addiction help. A meth hotline number will put you in direct contact with professionals that understand your situation very well. They also understand the process of detoxing from meth, how to achieve the best results, and how you can prevent relapses. These people are highly trained to handle situations like these. The good thing is that you would not be speaking with them face to face, which is what many addicts are scared of. The entire conversation would be confidential and you would be so free to discuss anything with them.

What to Expect When You Call a Meth Helpline

Have you finally made up your mind to call a meth hotline number? This is a crucial decision you need to make that would help you to start gaining back your life from meth addiction. You might be a little bit scared or even a bit nervous. After all, it is not always easy to embrace change. Confronting your personal struggles is not really pleasant; it could be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. This is why you need meth addiction help. You need support to maintain your sobriety. Support is very important in this process.

A meth hotline would provide you with resources to support networks that are ready to give you the help you need. They would direct you to the right channels that would help you get clean from meth. You can also learn more about meth detoxification treatment facilities, centers, and specialized counselors. When you talk to a meth helpline staff, the staff would access your situation and put you in contact with the most suitable care based on your situation. This is why you need to be open to them when talking. You do not need to hide any information from them. It is the information you provide them with that they would use to recommend the most appropriate solution for your problem. As earlier mentioned, many have found their way to freedom through this process. A simple call to a meth helpline helps to eliminate the fear of speaking to someone about your issue. This is because you would be talking to a professional that understands your condition and would not make you feel judged or whatsoever.

Perhaps, you are not sure about treatment. You feel like you just need to talk to someone. You can call a meth hotline, as they have empathetic staff who have helped many people going through similar issues. They have years of experience talking with people like you, and they have even treated issues worse than yours, you never can tell. You might have done some things you are not proud of or you are probably going through some tough times. Sometimes, you can take the entire load off your chest by just talking to someone. Nevertheless, you might not have anyone to talk to – you have withdrawn from so many people that were once close to you.

However, one thing you should never forget is that you are never alone. You can always reach out for help via a meth addiction helpline. They are always there when you need support as well as resources to get the help that you need. Calling a meth helpline early enough is very important. This is because you stand a higher chance of recovering very quickly. Here are some of the benefits of calling a meth hotline number:

  • You would learn more about meth and addiction
  • You would learn how to talk to a friend or loved one that is addicted to the drug
  • Find out the effects of the drug on your life or that of a loved one
  • Discover how to detox from meth
  • Learn the best treatment options that are available
  • Your conversation with a meth staff is confidential
  • You could also be connected with certain programs that are ready to help you right now.

You can start the process of changing your life for good with just a simple call. You have gone through enough due to your drug use, and it is time to get your life back on track.


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