Table saw is also called as saw bench which is used for woodworking. This machine consists many parts which work together to help you in cutting a wood accurately. Days are gone when everyone was used to get injured while cutting unsmooth wooden blocks but now there is a push stick and many more smart features. The working mechanism of a table saw is not much complicated and you can also know that how does its part work.

Functioning Of Parts

The main part and their function of chainsaw are:

  • The chainsaw blade: This is an essential thing of a chainsaw and this define that how accurate the cutting will be. There are many types of blade available according to the material you want to cut. If you try a wrong then it can burn the stuff you are cutting.
  • The surface of table: A good quality chainsaw always have the smooth surface which is made of aluminum and if you are purchasing a good table saw which is an expensive machine then that can have an alloy.
  • Motor: This is the main thing which is going to rotate the blade and if is not able to rotate fast then the blade will stuck in between. Most of the machines have the 15amp battery which is able to provide 3850 RPM (Round per Minute) and it can exceed this number.
  • Miter Gauge: This is the most common tool in every chainsaw machine and every machine has this thing which is used to make perfect cuts.

These are main parts and their working but there are some more parts which are helpful in secure cutting. The main one is kickback pawls which are given just for the purpose of being ejected from the machine. The last thing is push stick to use machine safely on stuff which has no proper shape or place to hold.