Cartoons – job offer stopped believing, and search for information

I upload my pants for a moment to write them.
A server along with other noble abusicas are involved best camera for 250 in a series of cartoons for TV in which we are already working. They say that I am writing it HA!
If you know anyone that responds to any of these profiles let you know that we are in the process of selection and interested in incorporate quickly the following profiles:
illustrators 2 characters and assets
Illustrator 1 funds
1 storyboarder
3 entertainers with experience in flash for broadcast
Send your resume and, if it can be, links to examples of your work to info [arroba]
It would give them more details about the series but is not let me
During seven years of my life I was a Catechist in the parish of my neighborhood. It was, and in my innocence I think that it remains, the typical working-class district in which it is taken at noon wine, discussed policy, the last game of the Valladolid and is made instore purchase of next to House.
My parish priest was red. I had seen to grow those orchards over the last 25 years to become a slum. There is still, already retired, taking their wines with atheists and agnostics who intended to nor want to indoctrinate. Discussing of the world, of what is fair and what is not fair, what it can be to be better person.
His mouth I first heard the words liberation, the four boards.
A theory that focused the future of Christianity, the Church, understood as the core of parishioners, as a community, on the bases, at the people of a foot. And not in the estates. A theory that was ignoring the poor of the world, in the middle of a fervent capitalist growth. Bunch of deluded, of course. A theory that argued that, without the release of wealth, there was no Christian release. I had to take sides in the class struggle.
So I started to inform Leonardo Boff, Pedro Casaldáliga, Patxi Loidi and Jon Sobrino, all priests who, in Latin America, fighting – and fight – on the side of the poor. Procuparaba read everything that came to my hands, especially the poetry of Casaldàliga, which I think is a delight.
But then I do not know well why I became a major coup hubsan x4 not taking off, I stopped believing, and search for information and of procupar spread. Things of the age. I guess.
Today comes the news that Ratzinger sanctioned Jon Sobrino for his ideas to my ears. Saying that the Kingdom of God must be on Earth is an outrage. Where I will stop. And I just think being extremely demagogue and say terrible things about the Church.
But fortunately I have an ulcer in the stomach, so I settle with, from the affection and respect, wish the hell to Ratzinger. That is where it deserves to be. Already in the 1980s, he tried to put an end to these theologians. And now that he’s at the top of the unfortunate ecclesial estate it again makes every effort.
Brave bastard.
The cantankerous Grandpa has today eaten tuna salad.
The cantankerous grandfather dreams of a few piles for the Pope.
The cantankerous grandfather listen heart of Fon Roman toy.